My Wedding Dress

Details about the my wedding dress that I kept a secret from family and friends until the moment I walked down the aisle

Here it is!

My beautiful wedding dress!


In the Magic Room at Becker’s Bridal

IMG_9124 copy

Detail shot of the beading

IMG_9117 IMG_9120


Thank you to Becker’s Bridal for helping me find my wedding dress! It was absolutely perfect.


Engaged & Organized


and wow a lot has happened since David proposed

After David proposed to me, I asked him when he wanted to get married. He immediately said “as soon as possible or in a couple of months.” I burst out laughing. That’s not how this works! Once the initial shock and excitement of the night of the proposal wore off we started seriously discussing what we both wanted when it came to our wedding. We want a small and intimate wedding and we decided on a date special to us: May 23, 2015. Exactly 5 years since David asked me to be his girlfriend after my senior prom. From that moment on, it was go time, we had less than 8 months to plan a wedding!

We made decisions fast, but it’s not because we felt rushed. We’re ready, we know what we want, and simply put, everything has fallen into place.

The first venue we went and looked at was “the one.” We’re getting married at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. It’s a mix of both David and I, vintage yet modern. It’s an intimate space holding up to 75 people. We fell in love with the building, gardens and the way that it was “us.” I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else. It’s perfect.


After we found the venue it was time for me to find a dress. I’m not new with this dress game. I knew at this point, I was pushing it for getting a wedding dress in time for the wedding. I’m also picky. I was a fashion design major! My dress has to be spectacular! A long story short, I went to 4 dress stores in the East Lansing area with David’s mom, my mom, and my roommate, and I couldn’t find a dress! The panic had officially set in. I did some research with my sister that night and decided to visit Becker’s Bridal in Fowler, Michigan. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere. The first dress I tried on and picked out for myself was the dress I could see myself marrying David in. It was over budget and my mom wasn’t with me when I found it. I felt awful that my mom wasn’t there with me, but I honestly didn’t think I was going to find a dress in the smallest town I’ve ever been to, in the middle of nowhere, Michigan. That Friday, my mom and I went back to Becker’s Bridal, visited their famous “magic room,” and I said “yes” to the dress!

The next items to check off the “to do” list were easy decisions. We already had an idea who we wanted to marry us, who would be in our bridal party, our photographer, and our DJ. Like I’ve said, everything has fallen into place, everyone was available for our  wedding!

Our DJ is a high school teacher that David and I both had. Our photographer is Lisa Hodack, who was my best friend Andrea’s photographer for her wedding in July. Lisa is an amazing and talented photographer. A family friend of David’s, Pastor Dave Flowers, is marrying us. He is seriously one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I was SO nervous for our 6 sessions of pre-martial counseling, but it turned out to be such a worthwhile (and fun!) experience for David and I. I truly enjoyed our sessions together and if anything, it just proved even more to me that David and I are meant to be together.

I must admit, being engaged, getting my master’s degree, working, planning a wedding, and numerous other crazy situations I get myself into is sometimes stressful. I don’t know how I manage to get my work done when so many thoughts and ideas for the wedding are rushing through my head. I have a lot going on, but, I’m the happiest and the most excited I’ve ever been. The “tough” decisions have been made. It’s time to work on the small details, have a few parties, pick out some food, and send out the invites to our guests!

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For more details about our wedding visit our website by clicking here.