About ricicame

Megan Ricica is currently a graduate student at Michigan State University studying Public Relations. Megan graduated in May 2014 from Michigan State University with a degree in Apparel and Textile Design with a Communications, Public Relations, and Advertising cognate. While attending Michigan State, Megan was involved with the Fashion Design Student Association, was co-chair of the Fashion Week Committee, and had designs in the annual Apparel and Textile Design Fashion Show for three consecutive years. In October of 2013, Megan was selected to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University. This was a weekend internship opportunity at Teen Vogue in New York City. She attended seminars and sponsored events with top fashion industry professionals. Megan’s design work includes innovative garments that are modern and edgy. She gains inspiration from dark elements of everyday life. She believes that even the darkest moments can be transformed into something beautiful. Moving into the future, Megan hopes to utilize her eye for design as an asset in the field of public relations.

My Wedding Dress

Details about the my wedding dress that I kept a secret from family and friends until the moment I walked down the aisle

Here it is!

My beautiful wedding dress!


In the Magic Room at Becker’s Bridal

IMG_9124 copy

Detail shot of the beading

IMG_9117 IMG_9120


Thank you to Becker’s Bridal for helping me find my wedding dress! It was absolutely perfect.


My Bridal Shower

Take a look inside my bridal shower!

My beautiful bridesmaid's Andrea, Ella, Lauryn, and Lauren!

My beautiful bridesmaid’s Andrea, Ella, Lauryn, and Lauren!

My bridal shower was on March 28th at Brick Street of Grand Blanc. The theme for the shower was the color’s blush, gold, and white. Everything turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to share a few of my favorite pictures from the day!


To “break the ice” and get the shower started we did a scratch off lottery ticket. When you scratched off your ticket if you had a diamond ring, you were the winner of a prize. It’s a great way to get everyone talking and grab guests attention.



The cakes we’re gorgeous and delicious! Tasty Layers in Burton made the cakes and  I was stunned at how well they turned out. They were beautiful!


My clever mother thought of a way to change up the typical toilet paper wedding dress game. Each guest was given a roll of toilet paper, black hanger, ribbon, and tape. With these items the girls had to make lingerie for the bride. The lingerie game was a hit! I was shocked at how serious the girls took the game and the lingerie actually turned out really good!


 What I wore:


My dress was from SammyDress. One of my new favorite places to online shop! There was some drama with the dress because after I bought it, it went out of stock. Requiring me to go buy a back up dress in case this one didn’t end up coming in on time. Luckily, the day before the shower, the dress was delivered! Thank god! I just had to take it in on the sides a little bit that night and I was shower ready!


I want to take the time to say thank you to everyone who came to the shower and especially to my friends and family who helped plan and organize the shower. I couldn’t ask for better people in my life! Thank you so much!

Xo, Meg

Engaged & Organized


and wow a lot has happened since David proposed

After David proposed to me, I asked him when he wanted to get married. He immediately said “as soon as possible or in a couple of months.” I burst out laughing. That’s not how this works! Once the initial shock and excitement of the night of the proposal wore off we started seriously discussing what we both wanted when it came to our wedding. We want a small and intimate wedding and we decided on a date special to us: May 23, 2015. Exactly 5 years since David asked me to be his girlfriend after my senior prom. From that moment on, it was go time, we had less than 8 months to plan a wedding!

We made decisions fast, but it’s not because we felt rushed. We’re ready, we know what we want, and simply put, everything has fallen into place.

The first venue we went and looked at was “the one.” We’re getting married at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. It’s a mix of both David and I, vintage yet modern. It’s an intimate space holding up to 75 people. We fell in love with the building, gardens and the way that it was “us.” I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else. It’s perfect.


After we found the venue it was time for me to find a dress. I’m not new with this dress game. I knew at this point, I was pushing it for getting a wedding dress in time for the wedding. I’m also picky. I was a fashion design major! My dress has to be spectacular! A long story short, I went to 4 dress stores in the East Lansing area with David’s mom, my mom, and my roommate, and I couldn’t find a dress! The panic had officially set in. I did some research with my sister that night and decided to visit Becker’s Bridal in Fowler, Michigan. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere. The first dress I tried on and picked out for myself was the dress I could see myself marrying David in. It was over budget and my mom wasn’t with me when I found it. I felt awful that my mom wasn’t there with me, but I honestly didn’t think I was going to find a dress in the smallest town I’ve ever been to, in the middle of nowhere, Michigan. That Friday, my mom and I went back to Becker’s Bridal, visited their famous “magic room,” and I said “yes” to the dress!

The next items to check off the “to do” list were easy decisions. We already had an idea who we wanted to marry us, who would be in our bridal party, our photographer, and our DJ. Like I’ve said, everything has fallen into place, everyone was available for our  wedding!

Our DJ is a high school teacher that David and I both had. Our photographer is Lisa Hodack, who was my best friend Andrea’s photographer for her wedding in July. Lisa is an amazing and talented photographer. A family friend of David’s, Pastor Dave Flowers, is marrying us. He is seriously one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I was SO nervous for our 6 sessions of pre-martial counseling, but it turned out to be such a worthwhile (and fun!) experience for David and I. I truly enjoyed our sessions together and if anything, it just proved even more to me that David and I are meant to be together.


I must admit, being engaged, getting my master’s degree, working, planning a wedding, and numerous other crazy situations I get myself into is sometimes stressful. I don’t know how I manage to get my work done when so many thoughts and ideas for the wedding are rushing through my head. I have a lot going on, but, I’m the happiest and the most excited I’ve ever been. The “tough” decisions have been made. It’s time to work on the small details, have a few parties, pick out some food, and send out the invites to our guests!

photo 2-7

For more details about our wedding visit our website by clicking here.


Yesterday on October 3rd, 2014 my boyfriend of nearly 5 years proposed to me. 

photo 5

For a little background, David and I met in high school early March of 2010. I introduced myself to David after he joined the musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” I was one of the brides and David was a suitor.

SBSB copy

My 18-year old self was immediately attracted to this new eye candy. I HAD to introduce myself to him and get to know him. Honestly, the moment I met him I felt a connection like I’ve never felt with anyone.

Now, if you had told my 18-year-old self that this was my future husband, I would have told you, you were crazy. I was the kind of girl who was independent and never thought she would get married (especially at the age of 23!). But like I said, when I met David that all changed.

In the years we’ve been together, we’ve been through crazy college years, David joining the military and being separated for months, had some wild adventures, cried and laughed together, started our little family with our fur baby Lola the pug, and fallen madly in love. As time goes on, I fall more in love with David.  He makes me laugh, loves me unconditionally, takes care of me, and surprises me.

Now onto the proposal:

David picked me up from my house at 5:30 after I got out of work. I honestly had no clue that our date night would turn into a proposal. Literally. CLUELESS.  David showed up to my house with a bouquet of flowers and I had already thought he outdid himself (little did I know). He took me to a steakhouse we’ve always wanted to try together, but always end up forgetting about it.  Our food was delicious and over dinner David kept staring at me and smiling. I kept saying, “Why are you looking at me like that?” He’s crazy.

 We went for dessert at Coldstone Creamery and when we were about to leave David got a text from his mom saying she “left something in the band room at the high school” when she was watching David’s sister, Karissa, march into the homecoming football game.This was a lie and I clearly fell for it because I had no idea what was happening…still.

So, David and I walked up to the high school entrance where Jim (the really awesome janitor everyone loves) unlocked the door for us. David said, “let’s go in through the auditorium,” and I was just like “Okay!” Still clueless…

photo 1

The second we turned the corner and entered into the auditorium I knew what was happening. There were candles and colored lights leading David and I through the audience onto the stage. I would just like to add by this point I was hysterically crying.  Anyways, David walked me to the center of the stage where there was a circle of rose petals and three books I’ve made him over the years that tells our love story.  David got down on one knee and said: “From the time I was 16 years old, I’ve known that I loved you.”

photo 5

The next thing that I remember him saying was “Meg will you marry me.”  With no hesitation I said “YES” and ran into his arms not noticing the ring at all. I was in complete shock when he slipped the ring on my finger. I kept saying, “I didn’t think this was going to happen today” and “this is weird.”

“This is really weird.”

photo 3

Then I asked him if we were the only ones in the auditorium because all the stage curtains were closed and the lights were dim. I was waiting for my family to jump out at me and scare me. We were the only ones there and it was the most romantic gesture that has ever happened to me!

We called our overjoyed parents up to the high school and spent time taking pictures and just rejoicing in a moment that none of us will ever forget!


SO! David and I are officially engaged! I am going to marry my best friend and my other half! I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us next, but as always, I know it will be amazing.

photo 1

What I wore (unknowingly):

My dress was from Forever 21. I bought it in June to wear to one of David’s military award’s ceremonies, but over packed and never got around to wearing it. My hot pink blazer is from Dry Goods (on clearance for $8). My sandals are from Target. Last but not least, my engagement ring was custom made by my future husband! He did amazing didn’t he?!

photo 3

Confessions of an Intern

My internship at Michigan Fashion Week

In early March of 2014, after the CAT Footwear and Fashion Design Student Association Fashion Show at Michigan State University, I introduced my self to Loren Hicks the founder of Michigan Fashion Week. We instantly clicked and had a connection. After one simple introduction and a couple of emails back and forth, I landed my internship with Michigan Fashion Week.


 The first thing I want to say is that the Michigan Fashion Week team is awesome. They’re hard working, honest, positive, and want everyone involved in the program to have the greatest experience. Loren Hicks and Tiffany Sims (publicist) are the absolute best! I have treasured my experience working one on one with them to make the events and the runway show run as smoothly as possible.

             The main tasks of my internship were to create the weekly blog posts, organize fashion week events, and update social media. I also attended meetings and assisted at the 2014 casting call.  Another main focus of mine was to plan, promote, and blog about the 2014 Fashion Panel. I actually ended up hosting the event where Karen Buscemi  (founder and president of the Detroit Garment Group Guild), Mia Ray  (fashion blogger and creator of Confessions of a Glamaholic), and Matt Yessian and Courtney Miarka (co-owners of The Styled Life) spoke about their experiences in Michigan’s fashion industry.


            The day of the runway show, I arrived at the event at 10:30 ready to work! I worked with Loren and Tiffany doing administrative tasks for a most of the day and helped out with anything they needed me to do.  The doors opened at 6 and my two designs Stingray and Sassy Sleeves were on live models on display when guests walked into the venue.  Soon it was time for the show to start and I was walking out on stage to introduce the Loren and the runway show.


            After that moment, the show is a blur. I was running around like a mad woman backstage with dressing models and making sure the show ran smoothly. The 2-hour show seemed like 20 minutes! Being back stage was sometimes stressful, but always fast pace and fun!

I am sincerely thankful for this opportunity!  Like I said before, Loren and her team are awesome! From day 1 I felt welcomed and like I was a part of the team.  Loren, thank you again for everything! I loved working with you and your team!


What I wore:


My dress was purchased from simplydresses.com. It was blush colored with lace and rose gold beading. It had an open back and was mermaid style. The best part about this dress was that it was only $129.00! You can purchase the dress from this link: