Confessions of an Intern

My internship at Michigan Fashion Week

In early March of 2014, after the CAT Footwear and Fashion Design Student Association Fashion Show at Michigan State University, I introduced my self to Loren Hicks the founder of Michigan Fashion Week. We instantly clicked and had a connection. After one simple introduction and a couple of emails back and forth, I landed my internship with Michigan Fashion Week.


 The first thing I want to say is that the Michigan Fashion Week team is awesome. They’re hard working, honest, positive, and want everyone involved in the program to have the greatest experience. Loren Hicks and Tiffany Sims (publicist) are the absolute best! I have treasured my experience working one on one with them to make the events and the runway show run as smoothly as possible.

             The main tasks of my internship were to create the weekly blog posts, organize fashion week events, and update social media. I also attended meetings and assisted at the 2014 casting call.  Another main focus of mine was to plan, promote, and blog about the 2014 Fashion Panel. I actually ended up hosting the event where Karen Buscemi  (founder and president of the Detroit Garment Group Guild), Mia Ray  (fashion blogger and creator of Confessions of a Glamaholic), and Matt Yessian and Courtney Miarka (co-owners of The Styled Life) spoke about their experiences in Michigan’s fashion industry.


            The day of the runway show, I arrived at the event at 10:30 ready to work! I worked with Loren and Tiffany doing administrative tasks for a most of the day and helped out with anything they needed me to do.  The doors opened at 6 and my two designs Stingray and Sassy Sleeves were on live models on display when guests walked into the venue.  Soon it was time for the show to start and I was walking out on stage to introduce the Loren and the runway show.


            After that moment, the show is a blur. I was running around like a mad woman backstage with dressing models and making sure the show ran smoothly. The 2-hour show seemed like 20 minutes! Being back stage was sometimes stressful, but always fast pace and fun!

I am sincerely thankful for this opportunity!  Like I said before, Loren and her team are awesome! From day 1 I felt welcomed and like I was a part of the team.  Loren, thank you again for everything! I loved working with you and your team!


What I wore:


My dress was purchased from It was blush colored with lace and rose gold beading. It had an open back and was mermaid style. The best part about this dress was that it was only $129.00! You can purchase the dress from this link: